Encyclopedia of the Plants

Sananda - Wasi

Yawanawá Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants

Sananda-Wasi is a non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands. Over the past years we have been working with and learning from the Yawanawá Indians.

This project comes from a calling to give back. To give back to the Indigenous people, the wisdom keepers of this planet. To help them to collect their knowledge and to safeguard it for future generations and the whole of humanity.

The main objective of this project is to make an encyclopedia of medicinal plants of the Yawanawá Indians.


This project provides a unique opportunity to contribute and to help preserve ancient indigenous knowledge and wisdom.


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If you feel the calling to contribute to this project:


Untethered by the influences of modern civilization, the Yawanawá Indians have been collecting and guarding the ancient medicinal plants from their region, passing on this vast amount of knowledge from generation to generation for thousands and thousands of years. At this point in time there is no documentation of this knowledge; the elders of the tribe are like living encyclopedias.

Today, this vast ancient knowledge of the Yawanawá is on the edge of extinction. This passing of knowledge is coming to an end as the forces of civilization enter the Amazon Rainforest, and the children of the tribe are more interested in learning about the Western culture, and are no longer learning from their elders. Every time one of the elders dies, it’s as if a library has burned down.

The main focus of this project is to keep this knowledge alive and accessible for both the tribe and their future generations, as well as for the rest of humanity. There are medicinal plants that have the potential to heal many lives and to help cure an endless number of diseases.

This project aims to create an encyclopedia as well as a research center for the documentation and preservation of medicinal plant knowledge originating from the indigenous Yawanawá Tribe of Rio Gregorio in Brazil.

By raising awareness of this vast knowledge, the project will engage and incentivize younger generations to understand and learn about the power and potential of medicinal plants from the Yawanawá tribe.