Meditation for a calm heart ~ a beautiful Meditation for beginners

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Meditation for beginners

Meditation for a calm heart

This is a very beautiful meditation for beginners, it’s a simple practice because it involves an easy mudra (hand position) and a simple breath pattern, but it’s fully engaging for any level yogi. It can easily be used as your daily meditation that you do just after waking up, before going to sleep, or at any other time of the day.

If you’re experiencing stress or volatility in a relationship, the Meditation for a Calm Heart can be extremely helpful. With consistent practice, you can come into a neutral, non-reactive place and feel steady and graceful amidst the turbulence that our nearest and dearest can sometimes create. I highly recommend that you give it a try. Here’s how to do Meditation for a Calm Heart, the benefits, how it works, and why it’s so special to me.

How to Do It:

1. Sit in easy pose (cross legged position, or any other seating position. If you sit on a chair, make sure your both feet are flat on the ground) with a straight spine, close the eyes or look straight ahead and leave the eyes 1/10th open.

Meditation for beginners

Posture and Mudra

2. Place the left hand palm down on your heart center. Bend the right arm resting the elbow against the side of the body, and hold the right hand in gyan mudra (thumb and pointer finger meeting with the other fingers extended) at the level of the shoulder.

Meditation for beginners

Right hand position – tip of index finger touching the thumb.

3. Inhale deeply and retain the breath as long as you comfortably can.

4. Then, exhale slowly and hold the breath out as long as you comfortably can.

5. Continue for 3-5 minutes.

6. End: Inhale and exhale strongly three times.

Note: Do not hold the breath in or out so long that you’re gasping or in distress. You may need to experiment a bit. In my experience, holding the breath out is more difficult than holding the breath in. It can be frightening because there is no breath, and some even start to feel panicked. This is an opportunity to confront and move beyond fears.


The entire posture induces a feeling of calmness. The left hand is for receiving. In this meditation the left palm is placed at the natural home of the prana (pure energy from God). Create a deep stillness at that point. The right hand is for giving, for projecting, for throwing you into action and analysis. It is placed in a receptive, relaxed mudra and put in the position of peace. In addition, this meditation opens your awareness of breath and conditions the heart and lungs.

How It Works:

How can it be that a mudra and a breath pattern make relationships easier? First, placing the left palm on the heart center brings a stillness and helps direct the prana to its ideal home, the lungs and heart. Usually the right side of the body is the projective, active side, but for this meditation the right hand is placed in a receptive position, bringing more stillness and calm. Through the breath work, you build up the prana of the lungs and heart, creating health for the body and peace for the mind.

Why It’s Special to Me:

During my teacher training, we were taught and assigned this Meditation for a Calm Heart as one of our home work meditations. So, in part, this meditation is special to me because it was one of the first practice I learned during my teacher training. But, it’s more than that. I embarked right away on performing the meditation, but I neglected to do the reading about it and its benefits. At this time, someone close to me was going through a very difficult time, and I was the sounding board and sometimes the dart board. I’d noticed that I wasn’t suffering the stress of the situation. I was riding it out in neutrality. Then, after about 20 days into the meditation (I did the mediation for 40 days in a row, every morning), I finally did my reading homework and there it was: “It will be easy to gain perspective on relationships and easy to have forgiveness for those things that upset or threaten you, allowing a deeper sense of security and awareness to guide your judgment.” To me, this was pure magic. It wasn’t a placebo effect or psychosomatic. I had really changed internally. Wahe Guru!

I hope you enjoy this meditation for beginners!

With much love


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