Sananda - Wasi

Dennis’ Journey to the Yawanawa Indians

Dennis’ Story

IMG_0791 2 In November 2014 Dennis, the founder of Sananda-Wasi, went to visit his spiritual family, the Yawanawa Indians who live deep in the Amazon Rainforest surrounded by untouched land. During that  time, he learned about the traditional medicines of the Amazon. For one of the first times in their history they opened up their knowledge about their Medicinal Plants…   VIEW POSTS



Kristens Writings

Kristens Story

Kristen SW

I remember those words as if they were yesterday and I know I will never forget them. Spoken by my now teacher, mentor, and therapist Stacie Overby in 2012, those words melted through my mind and  into my heart. What began from that sweet space of savasana has since evolved into an exploration of the depth of those words meaning. I was recently asked what the most significant memory in my life  has been thus far, and I responded, “When I started to get…”  VIEW POSTS



Journey of Rejuvenation

Bonnie’s Story

Bonnie_02-300x168 In May 2011, after having found a strange lump in my right breast,I was informed that I had Stage II infiltrating ductal carcinoma aka breast cancer…  VIEW POSTS





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